CAREER OPTION : Beautician



It is an appealing career and the more you look, the more reasons you will find to choose this as a career. We’re speaking about being a beautician! A beautician is a trained certified professional who is responsible to handle all the beauty care needs of an individual. As a beautician you will be aware of treatments that will help in keeping the face, skin and hair of an individual in good condition. The career prospects of a beautician is progressing at a fast pace because of the increase in beauty conscious individuals.

Now it is mandatory for one to look good and be presentable in order to make a presence wherever he/she goes. Hence, everybody goes to a beautician to look more attractive and better. The trends in beauty and fashion keeps changing, therefore as a beautician you will have to stay updated with latest trends and styles and update your working pattern as well. You can work with a variety of fields and get paid a fair amount depending upon your work and experience.


  • The minimum educational qualification required to acquire professional training in beautician courses is qualifying marks in your H.S.C. (10+2) exams under a recognised board of education.

Required Skills

  • Dedicated, hardworking, innovative and positively critical.
  • Ready to accept suggestions and needs of a client.
  • Smart, well groomed in appearance and possess high standards of personal hygiene.
  • Friendly, approachable and have good communication skills.
  • Ability to stay up to date with changed and latest trends and a creative flair to incorporate them in your profession.

 How to become a beautician?

STEP 1: There are both medical and non-medical beauticians. Here we are speaking non-medical beautician.

STEP 2: In order to become a non-medical beautician, there are no mandatory educational qualifications required. However, in the current competitive world everybody considers educated and certified professionals.

STEP 3: There are several beauty care institutes that provide beautician courses across the nation. The course duration is 2 – 3 years where you will be trained in subjects like skin, electrology, communication, theory of massage, masks and packs, skin and hair, basic facial administration management, nail science and aromatherapy.

STEP 4: If not, you can enrol into any renowned parlours or under renowned beauticians to get professional training in this domain.

Best Institutions

  • VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition – Bangalore
  • Orane International Institute of Beauty – Vadodara
  • Pearl Academy – Mumbai
  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology - Gurgaon

Career Prospects

After completing your beautician course, you can work with different parlours or get into the entertainment industry. You can become personal assistants to heroes and heroines in the movie industry or start working with movies. You can also get employed in television industry, stage shoes etc. You can also start a beauty parlour of your own.


As a beautician your income may vary depending upon the field that you work with. If you are working as a beautician with a parlour, your starting salary can vary from Rs.15, 000 to Rs.25,000/-. If you start a parlour of your own, your monthly income will depend upon the trust that you have earned of your clients and how many customers you have in a month. This can get as high as 5 lakhs per month. If you work with the entertainment industry, your remuneration will vary between Rs.20, 000 to Rs.60, 000 per movie or episode.