CAREER OPTION : Computer Programmer


Computer Programmer

Computer programmer commonly called as a programmer or coder is someone who writes computer software programs. As a computer programmer, you will be designated with a computer language as per the language of programming you use. If you use a CC ++ you will be a C Programmer and when you program for web, you will be known as a Web Programmer. Irrespective of the area you work in, you will be responsible for designing, writing, testing, debugging and maintaining the codes of computer programs.

With computer system becoming an integral part of everybody’s lives, almost 90% of the world’s data is being digitalised in computer systems. This increases the need for efficient accessing and maintenance of these data. This is where your role has a crucial part to play in today’s society. There is an unending demand of computer programmers in such a scenario. To handle a work of this domain with great responsibility you need extensive experience and knowledge of more than one programming language that can be obtained by formal education in respective domain.


  • Qualifying marks in your H.S.C. (10+2) examinations under a recognised board of education with mathematics and physics as core subjects.
  • Pass national and state level entrance exams to be eligible to attend a course of this field.
  • Minimum age to enter the field is 21 and a maximum of 40.

Required skills

  • In-depth knowledge in one or more programming languages such as PHP, NET, HTML, C++ etc.
  • The ability to learn new IT packages and techniques.
  • You should enjoy problem solving and be willing to work for long hours without stress.
  • Technical writing skills and ability to explain complex languages in a clear manner.
  • Have a good team spirit and self-motivation along with the willingness to work in tight deadlines.
  • Ability to think on different levels, a good memory and be able to pay attention to the minutest details.

How to become a Computer Programmer

STEP 1: You have to apply for degree or diploma courses in computer engineering, software engineering or any other computer software related courses. These courses are being offered by many private and government colleges.

STEP 2: Some reputed colleges have limited seats and conduct entrance exams before taking up admissions. Some examples of these exams are CET, IIT-JEE, AIEEE etc.

STEP 3: After clearing your entrance exams you will be admitted into respective colleges as per your rank and performance. The course duration is for three years in case of diploma and four years for a degree program. You will be trained in subjects like computer programming, program designs, system analysis, hardware, networking, computer architecture, mathematics for computing, databases and professional awareness.

STEP 4: After completing your course, you can start professional practise as a computer programmer.

Best Institutions

  • Indian Institute of Technology – Across India
  • Thapar University – Punjab
  • National Institute of Technology – Across India
  • Bihar Institute of Technology – Patna

Career Prospects

You can work as software application developer, web developer, database administrator, computer network architect, system analyst, quality assurance engineer, business intelligence, network system administrator and computer programmer. Since all companies have websites and every data is stored in computer systems, you can work with various domains like IT, Fashion, E-commerce, Apps to name a few. 


A computer programmer can get an amount between Rs.30, 000 to Rs.50, 000 for a start in their career. With experience and better work conditions, it can get as high as Rs.90, 000 per month.