Aren't your dreams letting you sleep? Do you scroll up and down the net to read memoirs of famous people associated with film & media? If yes, then jump from your seat, brush your spirit up and get ready to start your journey into the world of fame.

The so-called world of fame is not only comprised of the visible Actors. There is much more hidden behind the spotlight. You can be a director, Script writer, Video editor, auditor, graphic designer, head in animation, cinematographer, music director and so on. All you need to do is, enter in the door and explore!


Ladder to Film & Media:

Find out your frame of interest

Take a course of your interest at a university or arts academy

Earn experience even if the work you get is not big enough

Iron out kinks in your technique

Identify your strengths and present yourself confidently


Top 10 institutes of Film & Media:

The duration of each course is generally 3 years with 6 Semesters.


  1. Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune

Courses offered are-

  • One Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Feature Film Screenplay Writing (Film)
  • One Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Direction (TV)
  • One Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Electronic Cinematography (TV)
  • One Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Video Editing (TV)
  • One Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Sound Recording and TV Engineering (TV)
  • Three-year postgraduate diploma courses in film direction, editing, cinematography and audiography.
  • Two-year PG diploma in art direction
  • Two-year PG diploma in acting
  • One and a half-year course in computer graphics and animation


  1. Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai

  courses offered are

  • Certificate in acting (weekend course)
  • Diploma in film acting
  • Diploma courses in film arts
  • Customized film workshops
  • Young actors club (Theatre workshops for children)


  1. National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi

Courses offered are:

  • Modern Indian drama
  • Classical Indian drama
  • World drama
  • Voice & speech
  • Yoga
  • Theatre music
  • Mime and movement


  1. Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema and Entertainment (RSACE)

Courses offered are

  • Bachelor’s in film art
  • Bachelor in Screen Writing
  • Bachelor’s in visual Effects
  • Bachelor’s in film production & Management
  • Bachelor in Animation


  1. Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares, Mumbai

courses offered are

  • 3-month Full Time Diploma Course
  • 1-month Part Time Certificate Course
  • Personalized Training programmes
  • Acting Workshops


  1. Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT) (Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi)

courses offered are

  • Diploma in Acting for Film and Television
  • Acting and Presentation
  • BSc in Cinema + Graduate Level Diploma in Cinema
  • MSc in Multimedia + Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia
  • MSc in Mass Communication + Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication
  • MSc in Cinema + Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Media
  • MSc in Cinema + Direction
  • MSc in Cinema + Sound Recording
  • BSc in Mass Communication + Graduate Level Diploma in Mass Communication
  • BSc in Electronic Media + Graduate Level Diploma in Electronic Media
  • BBA + Media and Entertainment
  • MSc in Cinema + Cinematography
  • MSc in Cinema + Post Graduate Diploma in Cinema
  • MA Film Production
  • Diploma in Visual Communication
  • MSc in Cinema + Post Production
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Diploma in Camera and Lighting Techniques
  • BSc in Multimedia Production + Graduate Diploma in Multimedia
  • BA (Hons) Film and TV Screenwriting
  • BA (Hons) Film Production
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Film & TV Production
  • Camera and Lighting Techniques
  • Sound Recording and Radio Production
  • Video Editing and Sound Recording
  • Production Direction and TV Journalism
  • TV Graphics and Animation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Print and Photo Journalism
  • BSc International Journalism
  • Post Graduate Diploma in TV Journalism and Communication
  • MSc in Journalism
  • Mass Media Research and Planning
  • BBA + Media and Entertainment


  1. Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

courses offered are

  • BA in Screenwriting
  • BA in Acting
  • BSc/BA in Filmmaking with specializations
  • Diploma in Screenwriting
  • BSc/BA in Animation Filmmaking
  • Advanced Diploma in Acting
  • Advanced Diploma in Filmmaking (with specializations)


  1. R K Films & Media Academy, New Delhi

 courses offered are

  • Film Acting
  • Digital Still Photography
  • Sound Recording & Dubbing
  • Anchoring & Broadcasting
  • Radio & TV Journalism
  • Print Journalism
  • Non-Linear Video Editing with Special Effects & Animation


  1. Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA), Mumbai

courses offered are

  • Certificate in Acting
  • Certificate in Cinematography
  • Bachelor’s in film Making
  • Certificate in Ad Film Making
  • Certificate in Executive Production
  • Hand’s on Film Making
  • Master’s in film Making
  • Bachelor’s in film Making
  • Certificate in Direction
  • Certificate in Script Writing
  • Certificate in Cinematography
  • Certificate in Editing
  • Certificate in Ad Film Making
  • Certificate in Voicing & TV Presentation
  • Certificate in Sound Engineering


  1. Delhi Film Institute, New Delhi

courses offered are

  • Camera & Lighting
  • Non-Linear Editing
  • Sound Recording
  • Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & News Reading
  • Acting for Radio & Television


Life is all about taking risks for a dream that no one can see but you. You can't reward yourself, but you can put your best efforts to earn a reward. You may take time, undergo a lot, feel hopeless, break down but at the end, you shape yourself into the person you dreamt about. So, struggle today and develop the strength you need for tomorrow because this is what is going to make you stand out from the rest.

Dedicate your soul and mind, not just your physical presence and Rule the world of Fame.

"Start, fail and start again, till you captivate your dreams"