CAREER OPTION : Gemologist


Career as a Gemologist

One of the oldest professions of the human society, gemmology is a profession that was adopted by our forefathers during the time of emperors and kings. During that time, even the buyers of gems were only high profile people. But today, the situation has changed drastically. The knowledge, craze and above all the capacity of the masses to buy gems have increase to a great extent considering the past. Hence, being a gemmologist will not leave you without a job. The gem industry has been commercialised with trained professionals and the knowledge of the public about this matter has also increased.

As a gemmologist you will have to study about the quality, characteristics and value of gem stones and the rest of the work is done by the jewellers to produce jewellery. You will have to identify different gems and give advices to the jeweller about the compatibility of each gem to metals. While making jewellery using gems, it is very important to understand the proper identification and from where it originates. Some gem stones like rubies and garnets look alike, but their valued differ greatly. As a gemmologist, only you can identify the difference and provide information about its characteristics, uses and value.



  • Passing marks in your H.S.C. (10+2) examination in any stream under a recognised board of education.
  • There are no age barriers or limits to being a gemmologist. 18 to 50 is the ideal age to work as a gemmologist.


Required Skills

  • Sophisticated analytical skills to recognise the gem types by close observation.
  • Strong evaluation skills to separate original from manufactures stones.
  • Skills to talk with customers and other gemmologists about gems and stones.
  • Good writing skills to complete gem certification forms and answer questions about stone evaluation.
  • Ability to identify whether a gemstone is synthetic, natural, fracture-filled, treated or coloured.
  • Ability to manage material resources like appropriate using of tools, equipment, facilities and materials.


How to become a Gemmologist

STEP 1: In order to become a gemmologist you have to apply for courses in gemmology or jewellery designing. The courses that you can do are Diploma in Gemmology, Accessory Design, and Bachelor of Gemmology etc.

STEP 2: The course duration is generally for 3 – 4 years. After graduating you can go for further studies or work in jewellery houses.

STEP 3: Besides formal knowledge and technical experience you will need further insight into customs and traditions as well as the latest trends will be influenced from these factors.


Best Institutions

  • Gemmological Institute of India – Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Gemmology – Delhi
  • The Indian Diamond Institute - Gujarat
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology – Delhi, Raibareli
  • International Gemmological Institute - Belgium


Career Prospects

Your job opportunities are increasing as the demand for jewellery is increasing among the masses. You can work with jewellery houses or as a freelancer. You can also avail jobs in private export houses as well. However, if you have the confidence to create your own line, it is best since you will have a good income and creative satisfaction. You can also set up retail trading unions on your own.



If you work under a brand or jewellery house, your starting income can vary between Rs.20, 000 to Rs.30, 000. If you are setting up your own business, then there is no limit to how much you can earn. You will become a millionaire in a few years.