CAREER OPTION : Geographer


Geographer as a career

Here’s a chance to move around and explore the world in which you live. We’re talking about a career as a geographer. In order to become a geographer, you must have an interest in the surface of the earth and a determination to study about the relationship between the planet and its inhabitants. As a geographer, you will apply theories and techniques in natural or social science related issues to solve various problems. You will collect data through fieldwork, which will include travelling to remote or distant locations and studying the land of that area. From different sets of data you collect, you will make conclusions and reports about the earth’s geographical condition.

As a part of your duty, you will provide advice and serve as an expert concerning environmental issues. You will identify optimal new retail locations, study the effects of pollution and epidemics in certain regions both on the environment and the people, provide geographic information and support to the public and private sector, provide advice related to heritage site plans and help land use planners. You need to pursue a bachelor’s degree and this is the minimum qualification required to start working in this field.


  • You must have qualifying marks in your H.S.C. (10+2) exams under a recognised board of education with geography being a subject of study, though this is not mandatory it is preferred more.

Required Skills

  • You must possess a perceptive and probing mind, keen observation, analytical and logical thinking and good computer skills.
  • You must be healthy and fit to work in any geographical locale and situation.
  • You must be able to present information in different forms such as essays, paragraphs, poems, visuals, models, films, power point presentations, speeches, games, puzzles, blogs etc.
  • You must enjoy your work be it with co-employees or alone.
  • You must have the ability to use laboratory, statistical, interview and field techniques to collect data.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are vital since you will be preparing reports and these reports will be used throughout the existence of the earth for reference and further studies.
  • You must possess a keen interest in the earth and its relationship with the living beings.

How to become a Geographer

STEP 1: After completing your H.S.C. (10+2), you have to take a Bachelor’s degree in Geography. It is likely if you have geography as a subject in your 12thgrade. Some colleges however admit for the course without taking into consideration the stream chosen in your 12thgrade.

STEP 2: The duration of this undergraduate course is for three years. Only a few colleges have entrance procedures in order to admit candidates. Other colleges admit candidates for this course based on first come first get basis. The two main branches are physical geography and human geography. Physical geography is the study of physical processes and natural environments. Human geography is the study of human societies and relationship between the planet and its people.

STEP 3: After completing this 3 years degree, you can go for a master’s degree, doctorate degree etc. for further study and be eligible for research.

Best Institutions

  • C.V. Raman University – Chattisgarh
  • Aligarh Muslim University – Aligarh
  • University of Delhi – Delhi
  • University of Mumbai - Mumbai


Career Prospects

There are enormous employment opportunities available in both the public and private sector. You can work with government, private consulting firms, heritage site planning organizations, schools and colleges, environmental research agencies, electronic mapping companies, GIS groups (geographic information systems) and travel and tourism companies. You can work as a human geographer or physical geographer. You job designations include planner, cartographer, GIS specialist, analyst, scientist, researcher and professor or teacher.


The income depends upon the designation you handle and the organization you are working with. As a starting salary, a geographer can earn between Rs.30, 000 to Rs.35, 000 per month. This can get as high as Rs.60, 00 per month with experience.