CAREER OPTION : Gynaecologist


To be a Gynaecologist

The department of gynaecology is today one of the most highly paid professionals in the medical industry. It is the moment when the birth of a child takes place that is most valued in a woman’s life. Gynaecology is the department of medicine that pregnancy, child birth and health of the reproductive system of women. Earlier pregnancy and giving birth was a simple, pleasant and natural process. But with changes in time and lifestyle, the process has become a tough and dangerous one. As a gynaecologist, it is your duty to make sure that this process is carried out safely.

You will be providing high levels of surgical and medical care to a pregnant woman from the time of pregnancy until the child is born. Your presence is a must during the birth of a child and the value that you get is right next to god since you will be dealing with the safety of two lives. It is one of the noblest professions in today’s society and it is your honesty and passion that will provide justice to what you do. There is a great scope for you to make a fruitful career as a gynaecologist with huge career prospects and excellent monetary benefits.



  • Qualifying marks in your H.S.C. (10+2) exams under a recognised board of education with Physics, Chemistry and Biology being your core subjects.
  • You need to qualify in entrance tests conducted by several state, central and independent educational bodies in order to be eligible to join a course in medicine and gynaecology such as the CBSE-PMT.


Required Skills

  • You should be sensitive to the patient and have critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • You must have excellent analytical skills and derive proper conclusions.
  • You must have the ability to multitask, work under pressure, head a team and have excellent communication skills.
  • You must be able to handle difficult situations without being in panic and have a keen observation for detail.
  • You must have good stamina, be willing to work during odd hours in case of emergency and have a good sense of humour.


How to become a Gynaecologist

STEP 1: After completing your H.S.C. you need to attend entrance exams conducted by state and central bodies such as the CBSE – PMT (Pre Medical Test). The entrance exam will have objective type questions from subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

STEP 2: There are also entrance examinations conducted by private institutions such as AIIMS, PGI, GMCH, etc. After clearing these exams, as per your rank you will admitted into different colleges for MBBS. You need to pursue your MBBS degree from an accredited college first.

STEP 3: After completing your 5 years of MBBS, you need to opt for a master’s degree in gynaecology. The course duration is for 2 years and you need to attend entrance exams for admissions conducted by certain colleges like AIIMS.

STEP 4: After completing your 2 years master’s degree, you can be a certified gynaecologist and start your professional practice.


Best Institutions

  • Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital– Coimbatore
  • JAMIA HAMDARD (JH) - New Delhi
  • Lady Hardinge Medical College – New Delhi
  • Narayana Medical College – Nellore


Career Prospects

After completing your career as a gynaecologist, you can either start working as a junior gynaecologist with hospitals or clinic. If not, you can start with government or private hospitals as a gynaecologist. You can also become a gynaecology advisor. You can work under the government or private sector, or start practicing independently.


For a start, you can earn between Rs.30, 000 to Rs.60, 000 per month. This may vary with the hospital or clinic that you work in. However, with experience and prominence, you can earn somewhere between Rs.1 lakh to Rs.12 lakhs. There is no ceiling to the money that you can earn as a gynaecologist.