Career as a Linguist

Do you love languages? Have you been fascinated by a language? Then being a linguist is the perfect career option for you. Linguists are professionals who study and explore various aspects of modern and ancient languages. As a linguist, you will use scientific techniques to work with meanings, sounds and origins of spoken and written words. You can help in combining words into dictionaries, interpret and translate various languages. You will act as a bridge between people of different language backgrounds.

Your duties and responsibilities will vary depending upon the country and organization that you are working with. You can work with courts interpreting the proceedings between court officials and people for whom English or any language is limited. You can work in hospitals as a medium between doctors and patients or as cultural experts in tourism. You have job opportunities in various field. But, in order to excel professionally a formal training and educational qualification is required.



  • You must have qualifying marks in your H.S.C, (10+2) exams under a recognised board of education in any stream of your choice.
  • You must know at least two languages to be capable to apply.


Required Skills

  • Ability to apply linguistic analysis to evaluate theoretical proposals.
  • Skills to compare two or more arguments that have different conclusions to a specific problem.
  • Ability to analyse complex linguistic patterns and a passion to learn new languages.
  • Know multiple languages in order to excel in your career and college.
  • Non-verbal communication skills, good body language, prioritise orders and inter personal skills are necessary to perform well.


How to become a Linguist

STEP 1: After the completion of your 12th, you can go for a Bachelor’s degree in linguistics. Some of the courses that you can opt for are B.A. Hons. In Linguistics, Diploma in Linguistics, Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics.

STEP 2: Most places appreciate or demand a Master’s degree to become a professionally practicing linguist. Hence, the courses in which you can do your masters are M.A. Linguistics, M.A. Applied Linguistics, and M.Phil. Linguistics and Ph.D. in Linguistics. 

STEP 3: After qualifying educationally, you can start working as a linguist in various fields.


Best Institutions

  • University of Delhi – Delhi
  • Bharatiar University – Coimbatore
  • University of Kerala – Kerala
  • University of Calcutta – Kolkata


Career Prospects

There are many job prospects for a linguist. But before beginning to work, you have to decide on which position you are aiming for. You can work as language researcher and analyst in tech companies, government agencies and various other firms. You can take up a job as a professor of linguistics with educational institutions.



The monthly salary of a linguist depends upon his/her position and working place. It can also change as per the experience and qualification. An assistant professor can earn between Rs.15, 000 to Rs.40, 000 per month. A research investigator will receive between Rs.10, 000 to Rs.30, 000 per month. A linguist manager can receive as high as Rs.60, 000 per month.