CAREER OPTION : Photographer


Career as a Photographer

It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, which country you live in or what language you speak. Get your hands on a camera and start shooting? Keep doing this and you will realise why being a photographer is so awesome! Photography is a great platform to convey messages to people with just a single click. With the press, media and social platforms rising at a large scale, it is a profession that is rest assured to give you a creative, exciting and secure career over time.

There are several courses that helps you in getting skilled with photography. It is a domain with vast areas to explore like travel, fashion, lifestyle, cinema, wildlife, press and media, business, marketing etc. In order to be a professional photographer, you need to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from a renowned institute. Apart from being educated about technical and theoretical aspects of photography, the best part about taking up a professional degree in photography is that, at the end of your career, you will have a portfolio to over-rule the industry. Also, there is a greater scope for better earnings and high end employment areas.



  • In order to be eligible for an admission in Bachelor of Arts in Photography, you must have qualifying marks in your H.S.C (10+2) examinations, from any stream under a recognised board of education.

Required Skills

Apart from the desire to take good pictures and put creative inputs, as a photographer you must have:

  • An ambitious nature to explore and develop personal skills on his own. The photographer develops only with practice, and not just with theory and practical knowledge.
  • A creative bend of mind is necessary when it comes to setting up frames and locations for the photograph.
  • A great hand-eye co-ordination, detailing to work, and communication skills are necessary.
  • Editing and marketing skills – they must evolve with the photographer. It should all happen in the process of learning, where you are willing to learn new things every day.

How to become a photographer

  • Get admitted into a reputed institution with a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Photography.
  • The course duration may vary from 3-4 years depending upon the institute that you choose.
  • The topics that will be covered during this course of time are; Theory of Photography, Camera and Processing, Optics and Lenses, Technical Details, International Standard Organization, Light Sources, Composition, Editing Softwares, Digital Imaging, Shots and Practical training.
  • At the end of your course, you will have a sum of quality works or a portfolio, which will help you get into a great career prospect in photography.

 Best Institutions

  • Delhi College of Photography – Delhi
  • Light and Life Academy - Ooty
  • Osmania University – Hyderabad
  • National Institute of Design – Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology – Across India

Career Prospects

After graduating in photography, you can work with colleges and universities, film industry, media and press, photography shops, event management, digital media houses, fashion brands, or as an independent freelancer. The different job types that you can opt for are; fashion photographer, photo journalist, still life photographer, scientific photographer etc. It is a profession that gives you the biggest number of choices and sub-divisions within which you can choose from.


Since the domains within which a photographer can work are multiple, the income may also vary with each category. However, how much you earn depends on how much talent you have got. For a fresher, the starting income will be between Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs per annum. However, depending upon the quantity of work you get, the income per annum can go up to 20 lakhs.