CAREER OPTION : Plastic Surgeon


Career as a Plastic Surgeon

If you want to help people become their better selves in terms of their looks, then a career in plastic surgery perfectly suits you. A plastic surgeon is a medical practitioner who is qualified and trained to perform surgeries on a patient to correct disorders with his/her skin and structure. As a plastic surgeon you will be responsible to change the outlook of a patient who has any kind of marks on their body due to any injury, burn or inborn problems. You will also be helpful in moulding the parts of a human body such as nose, lips etc. for aesthetic reasons.

You will use various techniques and surgical procedures like mastectomy, contracture surgery for burn victims, sexual re-assignment surgery, rhinoplasty, abdominiplasty, chemical peel, injection etc. Changing mentality due to high living standards and figure consciousness has increased the demand for plastic surgeons in today’s society. Today, it is one of the most lucrative career options that you can choose from in the field of medicine. Learn to use the taught techniques precisely and you will have a fruitful career in this domain.



  • In order to be eligible for plastic surgery courses, you need to have a minimum of 50% marks in your H.S.C. (10+2) exams under a recognised board of education.
  • The stream that you choose in H.S.C. must have Biology, Physics and Chemistry as your core subjects.
  • You need to have an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree in order to be capable of applying for a plastic surgery specialisation.


Required Skills

  • You must have good practical skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, fine co-ordination and visual and spatial awareness.
  • Excellent vision is a must since you will be dealing with delicate parts of the human body. A small mistake can lead to the loss of a life.
  • Good organisational and communication skills.
  • You must possess the ability to lead and manage a team efficiently.
  • It is a demanding role where you have to deal with busy and odd time schedules. Hence, a good physical stamina is a must.
  • You must be able to encourage and inspire confidence in your juniors and fellow mates.


How to become a Plastic Surgeon

STEP 1: After completing your H.S.C., you have to attend medical entrance exams conducted by various state and central bodies. One such examination is the All India Pre-Medical Test. The exam will have topics covered from Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

STEP 2: After qualifying these exams, you will be admitted into medical colleges to study a 5 years undergraduate course in MBBS. This will have both theoretical and practical training.

STEP 3: Then you have to apply for M.Sc. Plastic surgery and specialise in this domain. In order to get admission, you will have to attend entrance exams again or enrol into private institutions. One such examination is the All India Post Graduate Medical Exam. The course extends for 2 years.

STEP 4: After completing your M.Sc. in plastic surgery, you can officially start working as a plastic surgeon on opt for further studies in Master of Surgery in Plastic Surgery.

Best Institutions

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences – New Delhi
  • Christian Medical College – Vellore
  • Kasturba Medical College – Karnataka
  • Armed Forces Medical College – Pune

Career Prospects

The demand for plastic surgeons are great than ever before in today’s society. You have good career prospects in both government and private sectors. You can start working as an assistant plastic surgeon and then with experience and knowledge lead a team of surgeons who are set to do plastic surgery.


The salary of a plastic surgeon differs with organisations and sectors. A government employed plastic surgeon can earn an amount between Rs.60, 000 t Rs.75, 000 per month. You will also have other perks like housing, medical allowances, paid vacation etc. Under private hospitals or the corporate sector, a plastic surgeon can earn as high as Rs.1 lakh per month.