Career in Police

If you want to save lives, help people make better choices, investigate the good and bad, then you should be a police officer. Under this designation, your job will be enforcing difference laws and protecting the people as well as the surroundings that you are in charge of. Earlier considered as a male oriented career, it is no more stereotyped that way. Both men and women are equally engaging themselves in this career, in order to make a direct impact within the community they live.

In order to join the Central/State Indian Police Force, you need to be a graduate in any degree of your choice. After the completion of your undergraduate course, you can join either the state police or central police as per your preferences. It is one of the most prestigious occupation in any part of the world with its own dignity and power. It is a great career option since you can serve for your country and also be a part of the government until you reach your age of retirement.



  • The minimum educational qualification to join the Indian police force is a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or equivalent.
  • Minimum age requirement to join the service is 21 years.
  • You should meet all the physical requirements to join the police conducted by the government.
  • You have to qualify in written examinations as well in order to be a part of the indian police force.


Required Skills

  • You have to be hard-working, have a strong will power and be determined.
  • Must have clarity of thought and the ability to analyse different situations before decision making.
  • Must be sensitive to the aspirations and values of people.
  • Must possess good listening and communication skills.
  • Know the rules and regulations of the country and be loyal and trustworthy.
  • Despite the demands of the job, you have to be physically fit and mentally alert.
  • Good responsiveness to illicit and improper behaviour, you must be brave at heart and have a mind to correct the people and the nation.


How to become a police

STEP 1: Graduate in any of your preferred domains from a recognised institution before applying for your police test.

STEP 2: There are two exams conducted every year for new entries namely; UPSC (union public service commission) and SPSC (state public service commission). Under your SPSC exams, the posts are circle officer, assistant superintendent of police etc. UPSC exams are for a higher level, and the posts that come beneath it are superintendent of police, deputy inspector general, and inspector general, director general of police and additional director general.

STEP 3: The exams will happen in three phases namely; prelims, mains and personality interview. After that there will also be a physical fitness test.

STEP 4: If you qualify in all of these, depending upon your ranks and abilities, you will be given the position you deserve.


Best Institutions

You can get exclusive police training before being qualified from institutions like:

  • Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy – Telangana
  • The National Police Academy – Hyderabad
  • Police Training College – Delhi
  • Karnataka Police Academy – Mysore


Career Prospects

Being a police officer, there is scope for promotion throughout your career depending upon your performance and abilities. Since it is a government job, even after you reach the age of retirement, there will be a pension plan availed for you depending upon the last position under which you retired.



It is one of the most reputed and paid jobs of the country. The income status can vary from Rs.12, 000 – Rs.95, 000 per month depending upon the rank that you hold in the police force.