CAREER OPTION : Political Scientist


Career as a Political Scientist

Prepare yourself for knowledgeable and effective citizenships at all levels of the political system. Become a political scientist and have an everlasting career and a role to play in the development of the nation. As a political scientist, you will be a professional who conducts research and study about various subjects such as relationship between countries, political life of nations, and politics of major towns or smaller metropolises. You will study and evaluate topics such as public opinion, political decision making, ideologies and public policy.

As a political scientist, you may conduct public opinion surveys, calculate election results, interview public officials etc. You will also collaborate with government economists to understand the changes in society and how it is affecting social security. In order to become a political scientist, you require an advanced degree. It will prepare you with practical and theoretical knowledge of the government that you are planning to enter and work for.


  • You need to have a minimum of 40% in your H.S.C. (10+2) examinations in any stream under a recognised board of education.

Required Skills

  • An interest in the politics and government systems.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to stay up-to-date on current affairs.
  • Planning, organising, research, analysis and interpretation skills.
  • The ability to interpret statistics and manage a large number of crowd with proper explanations and solutions to their problems.
  • Ability to evaluate programs and policies and make related recommendations to parties and organizations.

How to become a Political Scientist

STEP 1: Entry level positions in political science is available with a bachelor’s degree of your choice. For good and better positions, a degree in political science is a must.

STEP 2: After passing your 12th grade, you can choose courses like Bachelor of Arts in Political Science or Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Political Science.

STEP 3: The subjects that you will study during your bachelor’s course are Indian constitutions, legislature and judiciary, principles of political science, Indian politics, contemporary and political science, western political thinkers, Indian political thinkers, comparative politics, international relations, co-operative constitutions, comparative politics and international organizations.

STEP 4: It is a three years course after which you can work in the industry or pursue your post-graduate degree in political science and pass with a minimum percentage of 50.

Best Institutions

  • Kamala Nehru College – Delhi
  • DAV Post Graduate College – Haryana
  • Banasthali University – Rajasthan
  • Adarsh Mahavidyalaya – Maharashtra


Career Prospects

You will have regular working hours behind a desk either in collaboration with other political scientists or alone. You can read and write research articles, even though there might be work pressure and tight schedules or deadlines. You can work in the department of foreign assignments where you will have to adjust to different culture, climates and languages. You can be employed in universities, political parties and national or state administrative bodies,



The salary of a political scientist may vary with government and parties. To start with you will get a pay of Rs.15, 000 to Rs.20, 000 per month. This can get as high as Rs.40, 000 per month. With promotions and change of designations, your salary will also increase to a greater and better number.