CAREER OPTION : Psychologist


Career as a Psychologist

Providing happiness and comfort to others can sometimes keep the provider happy. If you belong to that category of people who wants to help others lead a better life, choosing psychology as a career would be a great decision. Other than the fact that it is a very rewarding occupation in terms of satisfaction, it is also a very responsible one. If you become a psychologist, there are high potentials of earning a good salary, your work schedules can be flexible and meeting each person will be a new challenge to solve.

As a psychologist, you can study mental and behavioural processes of various individuals, therefore helping them in attaining stability. You can help people learn to cope more effectively with mental stress and life issues. In order to become a professional psychologist, you must do your graduation in either B.A (Bachelor of Arts) in Psychology or B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) in Psychology. Either of these two courses is the first step to take towards being a psychologist.


  • In order to get admissions in B.A or B.Sc. Psychology, you need to have qualifying marks in your H.S.C (10+2) examination under a recognised board of examination.
  • You can belong to any stream in your H.S.C to opt for Psychology.
  • Certain institutions demand a minimum of 60% to give admissions.

Required Skills

Having the following attributes can help you become a successful psychologist.

  • Good communication is critical while studying human behaviour. Your communication will have a great impact on your client.
  • Willingness to research about people and the curiosity to list down findings.
  • You should be patient enough to listen to your client, and be a good listener.
  • Try to improve your problem solving skills before getting into the field of psychology. Your clients will have different problems and shall be from different backgrounds. The ability to understand their point of view, and helping them overcome their difficulties will make you a good psychologist.

How to become a Psychologist

  • Get a graduate degree in psychology from a renowned institution. The subjects that you will be covering in this course are; Basic Psychological Processes, Biological Bases of Behaviour, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Psychopathology, Adjustment, Guidance, Counselling and Practical training.
  • The course extends to a time period of 4 years where you will have both theoretical and practical examinations. After these 4 years, you will be qualified as a psychologist.
  • However, in order to excel in your career you have more scope of study by opting for post-graduate degrees in psychology.
  • A. (Master of Arts) in Psychology extends up to 2 years and provides scope for further practice and study.

Best Institutions

  • Jesus and Mary College – Delhi
  • Xavier’s College – Mumbai
  • Presidency College – Chennai
  • University of Calcutta – Calcutta

Career Prospects

After the completion of your Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, you can work with community mental health centres, rehabilitation centres, youth guidance, correctional programs, educational institutions, research centres, welfare organizations, prisons, advertising industry etc. Different roles you can play include career employment specialist, career counsellor, day care supervisor, child support specialist, clinical psychologist, social worker, community relations officer, health educator, psychiatric assistant, social psychologist, counselling psychologist etc.


At the start of you career, you are likely to earn an amount between Rs.25, 000 – Rs.35, 000 per month. With better performance and seniority, your monthly payment can go up to Rs.75, 000 per month. However, apart from a job that you have, it is also possible to private practices forward. This will give you a better pay roll in general.