Career as a Singer

Do you spend all your time singing? Have a plan to make it a full time career? Then why wait, coz singing is a profession that can give you extreme job satisfaction and also give you a luxurious and glamorous life. The music field is large with different varieties of music and songs available to different listeners. But whether you’re happy, sad, angry or calm, there is no art other than music to complement your mood and give your inner peace. And if you can be a successful singer that people love, there is no turning back ever in life.

As a singer, you will either be singing songs composed and written by others or you can do it all by yourself if you have got the talent in you. You can sing for movies, albums, concerts, parties, clubs, and commercials or anywhere a group of people gather. As long as they get mesmerized by your voice, you don’t have to worry about your career path.



  • There is no educational qualification that is mandatory to become a professional singer. As long as you have the talent and passion for music, the mic is always yours.


Required Skills

  • You must not be scared of the public or have stage fright since you will be performing in front of a crowd.
  • You should be able to memorize songs and lyrics and always keep rehearsing.
  • As a professional, you should be punctual and disciplined with timings.
  • You should have a good modulation of your voice.
  • You should be a great listener in order to listen to songs and learn them.


How to become a Singer

STEP 1: The primary step to becoming a singer is to identify your genre of singing and promote it. For attaining formal training in singing, you can learn Carnatic, Hindustani or opera music and polish your voice and skills with proper guidance. In this field with huge competition, it is likely that you also have theoretical knowledge and certificate.

STEP 2: There are several colleges that offer diploma and degree programmes in singing and music. Some colleges demand entrance tests to ensure that you have the talent and capability to learn.

STEP 3: In order to pursue a degree or diploma, you need a minimum qualification of H.S.C. (10+2) education.  Some courses which you can pursue are Bachelor of Arts in Classical Music, Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Music and Bachelor of Arts in Instrumental Music.

STEP 4: You can start singing professionally after this. If you want to study more details about music and singing, you can opt for post-graduate programs such as Master of Arts in Music.


Best Institutions

  • The True School of Music – Mumbai
  • Swarnabhoomi Music Academy - Chennai
  • KM Music Conservatory – Chennai


Career Prospects

Your career prospects are beyond imagination. You can work as a playback singer in movies or albums. You can get into music composition as well if interested. You can become a stage performer and take part in musical concerts. It is also possible to independently practice by starting a band of your own.



The income you can get as a singer has no limits. Once established, a single song can earn you up to 15 lakhs or more. The monthly income varies on how many songs you sing in a year. If you’re a live stage performer, your income per concert can go as high as 80 lakhs if you go as a band.