CAREER OPTION : Spa Therapist


Career as a Spa Therapist

Spa Therapy – the beauty and relaxation treatment to improve the overall well-being of the human body, is a holistic treatment for the human mind, body and soul. If you wish to help people achieve a better feeling about their body and mind, a spa therapist is the perfect career to choose for. As a spa therapist, you will be working to provide a completely stress free and relaxing environment to your clients. The spa that you will be working in will be designed in such a way that the guests can revitalise and align their senses.

You will be delivering spa treatments and techniques like massage, body scrubs, body wraps, aromatherapy and therapeutic baths. This profession is in great demand both within the country and outside. With tourism and beauty consciousness increasing at a rapid state, spa therapist has wide career opportunities these days. People want and look out for best quality beauty treatments to look and feel at their best. In such a condition, the future of spa therapists are never ending. It is a non-medical treatment which helps in overall health of a person. You need professional training in order to become a successful spa therapist.



  • The minimum educational qualification required to join a course as a spa therapist is qualifying marks in your H.S.C. (10+2) exams under a recognised board of education in any stream of your choice.


Required skills

  • First and foremost, you should be able to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Your attitude should be very professional since your attitude will largely impact the customer’s attitude and relaxation. You must be smiling, well dressed and provide excellent customer service throughout your working hours.
  • You must be calm even if you are under pressure since the spa itself is a place for relaxation and it is your duty to maintain the serenity.
  • You should have a caring for other people and the willingness to make their life better.
  • You must be aware of health and safety measures, have good time management skills and be a good listener with tactility.
  • You must have dedication, concentration and the zeal to serve your customers loyally.


How to become a Spa Therapist

STEP 1: There is no educational qualification that is mandatory to become a spa therapist. However, you need to undergo some training and practice to start working professionally. Most of the renowned spas however demand educational qualification to employ a spa therapist.

STEP 2: You can attain a diploma or bachelor’s degree in spa therapy. The course duration generally extends to a time period less than 1 year. During your course of study, you will be equipped and trained in spa concepts, benefits and procedures, face and head spa, French touch, ayurvedic spa treatment, body spa, hot stone therapy, acupressure, body wraps, body packs, hand-foot spa and cupping therapy.

STEP 3: After completing your training program you can start working with a renowned spa as a junior spa therapist to give a start to your career.


Best Institutions

  • Ananda Spa Institute
  • Ispaa Spa Academy
  • Bodytree Trust India
  • VLCC


Career Prospects

The spa is one of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry today. Your job prospect are bright both in India and abroad. You can work as a self-employed practitioner, independent contractor, salaried or commissioned employee in organizations like hotels, resorts etc. If you are business minded, you can launch your own spa. You will be taking up roles of a spa therapist, spa supervisor, massage therapist, ayurvedic therapist and beauty therapist.



Your income will vary according to location, job type, organisation, experience and qualification. As a fresher you can earn between Rs.15, 000 to Rs.25, 000 per month. This can get as high as Rs.1 lakh per customer in renowned places.