CAREER OPTION : Web Developer


Web Developer

With plenty of career choices in the world, choosing what to do is not an easy choice. If you want to do something that has both market demand and creative satisfaction, being a web developer is your right choice. Web developers are professionals who are responsible for the functionality of the website. There is no role to be played in the designing aspect since that will be taken care of by the web designers. Make sure you don’t collide between the two when you opt for a career in an affiliated university for the same.

With the internet growing faster and more businesses being taken online, the scope for web developers have become even larger. It is a profession where your earnings can take you great places. Also, the profession alone is in great demand since every single organisation in the world wants a website of their own. In order to beat the competition and be on the top of web developers list, you have to qualify in the efficient use of web development tools and strategies.



  • Though no special educational qualification is actually required to become a web developer, with increasing competition, employers prefer people with a professional degree. This degree can bring you better opportunities and income,
  • In order to get admitted into a reputed institution, you need to have qualifying marks in your H.S.C. (10+2) examinations under a recognised board of education.
  • The minimum age to start a career in web development is 18 years and you can continue as long as you have the talent and will power to do it.


Required Skills

  • High levels of patience for testing.
  • Mentality to help colleagues and work pro-actively as a team.
  • Understand the customers and produce work beneficial for them.
  • Try to meet deadlines on time because in this industry, time is money.
  • Motivation and diligence are some personal qualities to possess in order to excel individually.
  • Good language skills in order to logically explain the work produced.
  • Good logical thinking and analytical skills


How to become a Web Developer

STEP 1: After passing your H.S.C. examinations, you can apply for degree or diploma courses in BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) or B.Sc. Computer Science in an affiliated university. Most universities grant merit based seats but conduct aptitude tests and exams before admitting candidates.

STEP 2: The syllabus foe entrance test covers topics from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The course extends for a time period of 3 years. The subjects that will be covered are; introduction to computers, input/output devices, introduction to programming concepts, number system and codes, disk operating system, windows – features – applications, introduction to C, control structures, arrays and functions.

STEP 3: After clearing these subjects you can graduate and start working professionally as a web developer. You need to have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, bug tracking systems etc.


Best Institutions

  • Loyola College – Chennai
  • Christ University – Bangalore
  • Xavier’s College – Kolkata
  • Fergusson College – Pune


Career Prospects

With immense scope in software and hardware companies, you can work with banks, schools or colleges, technical support, traffic light management, consultancies, insurance providers, system maintenance, security and surveillance companies, software development companies and much more.



At the start of your career, your income per annum can vary between Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.4 lakhs. This can get as high as Rs.35 lakhs per annum with expertise, experience and promotion.