Career in BBA: INDIA

If you wan to convert your love for accounting  and business handling into your profession and want to get paid out of it, then Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is waiting for you to step in. Here is a blog to help you get a guide and target at your passion. Read more to know...

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Looking forward to getting into management sector? Want a scientific approach to management? Want to be a head of your department in the firm you are working for? Master of Business Administration(MBA) - The most sought-after profession every second person might get fascinated with. Once done with your bachelor’s degree, you can wear a black coat and get industry-ready by pursuing your MBA.



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Bachelors in Business Administration(BBA)

BBA is a bachelor's degree in business administration and is undoubtedly one of the most sought bachelor degree programmes after 12th. BBA is usually a 3 or 4year programme, but it may vary as per the universities norms. 

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