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Crypto-Mining Creates New Environmental Injustices for Black Texans

Bitcoin is more than just a shiny new way to lose money. It's also fueling Texas' energy struggles as the state prepares for another year of record-breaking heat. And Black communities are caught in the crosswires of climate change, those booming data centers, and the power plants needed to meet both demands. Last year, during […]

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SCOTUS Allows ‘Big Business’ to Have Greater Say in Federal Regulations

Last week, in a monumental decision, the conservative U.S. Supreme Court made it harder for the federal government to regulate virtually everything that impact’s Americans’ daily lives. Arguably the most damning impact of the SCOTUS decisions will be on how the country faces the mounting impacts of pollution and climate change. While the ruling's impacts […]

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The Growing Crisis of Heatwave Deaths in America’s Prisons

Last September, at his graduation from Northwestern University, Michael Broadway reconnected with his mother, Elizabeth, for the first time in two decades. Due to her ailing health, she couldn't visit him. As an incarcerated man, he didn't have the option to travel to her, either. For those two decades, Broadway was held inside Stateville Correctional […]

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Black Communities Fight for a Voice in Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Standing on the shoulders of those before them, community members of rural Mason, Tennessee, gathered this past Juneteenth at Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church. They were there to publicly announce a list of demands for their new neighbor, a multibillion-dollar Ford electric vehicle plant. Set to open next year, the facility promises billions to the […]

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‘We Can't Wait’: How Black Neighborhoods Are Preparing for the Summer Heat

After closing out May with four days of triple-digit temperatures and New Orleans' first heat advisory of the season, the group of mainly Black elders welcomed the “dip” in temperature on June 1. Still, it swelled to 96 degrees that morning as roughly 35 people huddled in a community center in the city's Upper Ninth […]

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NOAA Predicts a Record Hurricane Season. Will Black Communities Be Protected?

Edward Buckles was 13 when Hurricane Katrina hit his hometown in 2005. In the aftermath, 1,400 — mainly Black — New Orleans residents died. That spring, researchers predicted the 2005 season to be the most intense in U.S. history, but a 2007 study concluded that confusing directions from authorities, religious faith, and financial barriers led […]

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Jackson’s Water Is Still Brown. The EPA Says That’s Not Discrimination.

As a child, Brooke Floyd wondered why her grandmother cooked all her food and washed all her dishes with bottled water. As an adult living in Jackson, Mississippi, it became clear. After a storm damaged a water treatment plant in 2022, leaving most of the majority-Black city without water flowing through their faucets for weeks, […]

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This Environmental Victory May Reinforce Injustices in Black Communities

While virtually every environmental group across the nation celebrated the Biden administration’s historic steps to lower pollution last month, John Beard sat patiently. After years of advocacy and hundreds of scientific studies, the federal government designated two “forever chemicals” as hazardous substances. This move makes it easier to mandate the removal of these man-made compounds […]