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HBCU Alumni Object to School President’s Return Following Administrator’s Suicide

Originally published by The 19th Lincoln University’s national alumni association is objecting to the school’s decision to keep John Moseley as president after a Black woman administrator who accused him of bullying took her own life earlier this year. The alumni association said in a letter that it was issuing a statement of “no-confidence” in […]

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How Fashion Is Shaping Culture on HBCU Campuses

Students at historically Black colleges and universities have flaunted distinctive looks on campus for decades. Dressing in creative outfits helps HBCU students express themselves, and campuses embrace specific trends all their own, such as the resurgence of Y2K fashion, replacing backpacks with Marc Jacobs totes, and theme days like Monochromatic Mondays. Taylor Davis, a Philadelphia […]

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‘Money Like That Would Not Come to Someone Like Me’ 

Rayquan Smith, a running back at Virginia State University who has landed 88 brand deals, fancies himself as the “King of NIL.” That’s “name, image, likeness” — a set of rules allowing athletes to sign endorsement deals and earn money while in college. The National College Athletic Association enacted the policy in 2021, a major step […]

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Shaw University Hopes Redevelopment Can Ease Years of Financial Struggle

Shaw University — which has called Raleigh, North Carolina, home since its founding in 1865 — is hoping a campus redevelopment and rezoning project will help ease its financial problems. Like many other historically Black colleges, the university has struggled financially due to declining enrollment, underfunding, and a shrinking market share. Private and federal loans, combined […]

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HBCU Underfunding Stretches More Than a Century, Morgan State Professor argues

America’s historically Black colleges and universities have been vastly underfunded compared to institutions that serve predominantly white students. The government has estimated the disparity between HBCUs and predominantly white institutions to be about $12.6 billion. There are numerous factors at play, but racism is at the center, says Steven Mobley, an associate professor at Morgan […]

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HBCU graduates share lessons learned — from prioritizing happiness to embracing their natural hair

College is a challenging and formative time. Students must navigate heavy coursework, as well as demands outside the classroom — from leadership roles at student organizations to new relationships, and life away from home. For students at historically Black colleges and universities, the experience is particularly poignant, as they are surrounded by many peers and […]

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Howard Will Lead 9 HBCUs in a Pentagon-funded Research Project. Students are Pushing Back.

The U.S. military is eager to tap into the talent network of the country’s historically Black colleges, which graduate nearly a quarter of all Black STEM professionals. Some students aren’t as excited about the relationship. Howard University is the first HBCU in the country to lead such a project, partnering with the U.S. Air Force […]