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In a Push for Race-Neutral Policies, Black Americans Will Be Left Behind, Experts Fear

As conservative lawmakers attempt to roll back policies aimed at a more equitable America, a new report emphasizes the need for race-conscious policies to improve economic conditions for Black Americans. Released this week, the Economic Policy Institute report says that race-neutral policies won’t adequately provide solutions to eliminate economic disparities. Although Black Americans have seen […]

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Lorraine Hansberry’s Family Says Chicago’s Racist Policies Seized Their Land. Now They’re Seeking Reparations.

Originally published by The 19th Your trusted source for contextualizing the news. Sign up for our daily newsletter. The 1959 Broadway debut of “A Raisin in the Sun” brought America inside a crowded Chicago apartment where the dreams of Black families went to die. And while Lorraine Hansberry was making history as the first Black […]

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The Case for Reparations: What Compensating Black Americans Could Look Like

Edmund Ford taught math for 14½ years and noticed that opportunities were sparse and unevenly distributed in Tennessee’s Shelby County Schools. “My classrooms were probably about 95% Black,” he said. “Many of my students weren’t getting the tools and resources they needed so that after they graduated from high school, they’d be impervious to social […]

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These Alternative Banks Could Be the Key to Shrinking the Racial Wealth Gap

Following the racial justice protests of 2020, several financial corporations and foundations promised to make investments to advance racial equality. Companies such as JP Chase Morgan, Mastercard, and Citi Foundation poured millions of dollars into Black community development financial institutions (CDFIs) as white business leaders reckoned with the ways systemic racism has impaired economic progress […]

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Struggling to Talk About Money? Here’s a List of Resources to Teach Financial Literacy.

As more states move to mandate financial literacy as a prerequisite for high school graduation, financial experts worry the courses lack the historical context needed to prepare Black youth for wealth building in America. For years, Black people have sounded the alarm for more holistic financial education to address the racial wealth gap. Black people […]

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California’s Reparations Plan Exposes Deep Divides in Black Communities

With a packed house behind him, Milton Hall, a Los Angeles Mid-City Neighborhood Council representative, approached the microphone. Under his breath, he lamented about missing the beginning of his golf game to attend this meeting, a gathering of California’s reparations task force for descendants of American slavery. The task force is the first of its […]