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Fact Check: What Have Biden and Trump Done for Black People?

This story will be updated. As America watched the first presidential debate Thursday night, some observers said President Joe Biden's performance failed the vibe check and former President Donald Trump kept lying. But what really raised eyebrows was Trump's response when asked about the candidates' appeal to Black voters. “The fact is that his big […]

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Biden and Trump Have Made Pitches About Black Economic Success. But What's True?

This story was originally published by Politifact As they face off in this year’s election, both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have aggressively courted Black Americans’ votes. Historically, Black voters have overwhelmingly backed Democrats, but polling so far this year shows some openness among Black voters, especially Black men, to support Trump. […]

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Voter Apathy Is Real. Here’s How Black Organizers Are Tackling It.

Black Voters and the Fight for Democracy is a multi-part series that explores the stakes of the 2024 election for our communities. This project was produced as part of the Advancing Democracy Fellowship. HARRISBURG, Pa. — “Are y’all bored? Who’s bored?” Wearing mules, jeans, and a T-shirt emblazoned with the name of her nonprofit group — […]

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The Squad’s Summer Lee Believes All Politics are Local, from Israel to Infrastructure

Originally published by The 19th UPDATE: DecisionDesk HQ projected Tuesday that Summer Lee won the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District. WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pennsylvania — Rep. Summer Lee stood in the backyard of a recently built dream home in exurban Pittsburgh and peered at a rusted pipe coming out of the ground topped by […]

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Supreme Court’s Blow to Right to Protest Is Another Attack on Black Political Power

The U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to intervene in a case involving a prominent Black Lives Matter advocate could have a chilling effect on people hoping to organize and demand racial justice. The high court on Monday virtually outlawed the right to mass protest in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas when it declined to step in and […]

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N.C. Candidate for Governor Built Brand Through Online Vitriol — Particularly Toward Black Women

Originally published by The 19th North Carolina Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Robinson has a long history of attacking influential women in personal and often vulgar terms. But Robinson has reserved particular vitriol for Black women in positions of power, with many of his social media postings invoking misogyny, racism, homophobia and transphobia. Experts and advocates […]

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Why Super Tuesday Is a ‘Dress Rehearsal’ for the General Election

Kristin Powell vividly remembers watching the Super Tuesday returns in February 2008 and being consumed by a single question: Can he actually make it? A college student spending a semester in Italy at the time, Powell was referring to Barack Obama, the youthful U.S. senator from Illinois who was challenging the establishment darling Hillary Clinton […]

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‘A Lot to Be Concerned About’: Jim Clyburn on the Stakes of the 2024 Election

Black South Carolinians saved President Joe Biden’s struggling 2020 White House bid. Now, on Saturday, in this cycle’s first sanctioned Democratic primary, the state’s Black electorate will have an opportunity to set the tone of the 2024 race and center the issues that matter most to Black communities, including the right to vote, health care, […]