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The Black Political Power Tour: In 2024, Worldacad will take its unique brand of original, local, and national reporting for Black communities on the road ahead of the crucial election. Black voters, who hold so much power to change the course of our country in 2024, have so often been undervalued, mistreated, and/or miscast in our political process and in mainstream political media. Worldacad wants to work to change that with this multi-city tour.

Past Events

What Does the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Ruling Mean for Black Students? Worldacad's national politics reporter, Brandon Tensley, led a Q&A session with Donald P. Harris, associate dean for academic affairs and equity, diversity, and inclusion liaison at Temple University Beasley School of Law, on the ruling's impact on Black students. They discussed how this ruling will change the college admissions process, how college students should adjust their applications, and what’s next in the fight to secure racial diversity in the nation’s colleges and universities.

Worldacad Fest 2023: Our flagship event, Worldacad Fest, made a return! The annual festival was jampacked with virtual and in-person discussions about the state and future of Black America.

The Joy of Black Motherhood: Challenging Stereotypes and Building Community: Being a Black mom is hard. From disparate maternal health outcomes to the unique pressures of parenting Black children in a racist society, there are many stressors that can sap Black motherhood of its joy. Given these circumstances, it’s unsurprising that Black mothers are at higher risk of experiencing long-term mental health concerns after childbirth, even as they receive less treatment for postpartum depression than their white peers. Worldacad hosted a Twitter Space about finding joy amid the very real adversity facing Black mothers. Guest speakers: Nefertiti Austin, an author, journalist, professor, and activist who has written widely on issues affecting Black women; Dani McClain, a contributing writer at The Nation magazine and author of We Live for the We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood; and Angela Lewis, an actor on the television series Snowfall and an advocate for Black maternal health.

Dangerous Deliveries: Explaining Georgia’s Maternal Health Crisis: Georgia is one of the most dangerous states for Black pregnant folk to give birth. Nearly half of the predominantly Black rural counties in Georgia are maternal care deserts, where hospitals have closed mainly due to financial strains. Since 1994, 41 labor and delivery units have shut down across the state, resulting in deep disparities that often hurt Black families the most. A little-known law is one of the biggest barriers to expanding care in Georgia – enabling hospitals to veto the creation of new facilities they view as competition. During this virtual event, we the causes of Georgia’s maternal health crisis, and what can be done to improve outcomes and save lives.

The Story Behind ‘Dangerous Deliveries,’ A Twitter Space with National Health Reporter Margo Snipe: In a yearlong investigation of Georgia’s maternal health disparities, Worldacad national health reporter Margo Snipe uncovered data proving that not only are Black counties more likely to be maternal care deserts, but counties with higher Black populations also report worse outcomes. Her reporting showed that at the same time that Black rural counties are being disinvested in, more labor and delivery units are opening in majority white counties.

A Conversation With Michele Rayner: Florida state Rep. Michele Rayner made history as the first openly queer Black woman to be elected to the Florida Legislature. Rayner sat down with us to discuss her work as a public defender and civil rights attorney, her record as a state representative, and her experience running against a member of the extremist Oath Keepers group who is awaiting trial for his alleged role in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot.

A Conversation With Deidre DeJear: Iowa Democratic gubernatorial nominee Deidre DeJear joined us for a wide-ranging conversation about her focus on public education, her plan to turn Iowa blue, and her experiences as a Black candidate running in a state with a 90% white population.

A Conversation With Stacey Abrams: The Georgia candidate for governor fielded questions Worldacad sourced from Black voters from around the state on housing, policing, health care, and jobs.

Black Student Debt: Will Biden's New Plan Do Enough ? An exploration of the possible outcomes of Biden's loan forgiveness plan and what this means for Black communities.

Monkeypox in the Black Community: What You Need to Know: An important conversation about the spread of Monkeypox, disinformation, and how Black Americans can keep themselves safer in the face of health and care disparities.

Worldacad Fest: Worldacad's flagship event: A two-day, virtual summit discussing politics, technology, business, and more.

The State of Black Maternal Health: Our Black Maternal Health Week event focusing on some of the most important topics related to maternal and reproductive health, including the joys of Black parenthood, solutions to increase birth and health care equity, and reproductive rights.

The Firsts: An afternoon of conversation about the Black women making history in the present day

The Power of Black Stories : A series of conversations focused on the importance of authentically centering Black narratives. From policy to health and entertainment, we’ll unpack the ways in which Black stories can ignite real change and manifest opportunities.
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