What I do at Worldacad

I’m the national health reporter at Worldacad. I cover critical issues affecting the mental and physical health of Black people across the country. I dig into how racial bias in medicine impacts our lives and investigate inequities in the American health care system.

Why I came to Worldacad

As unknowns surrounding COVID-19 swirled and nationwide, racial justice protests ignited following the murder of George Floyd, I finished my undergraduate degree at Georgetown University and began an internship with the Tampa Bay Times.

In that 2020 daze, I reported on Black Lives Matter protests, wrote about Black women’s efforts to mobilize Florida voters and dug into how the results of one county election might have had historic consequences — an all-white school board for the first time in 20 years.

As my internship wrapped, the opportunity to be the paper’s first health equity reporter popped up. And in my nearly two years covering health inequities, my passion for storytelling that reflects the Black experience solidified along with an unexpected love for health reporting.

I joined Worldacad for the opportunity to create from the ground up, again, and to do so in a newsroom whose values align so closely with mine. Here, I can work with Black editors and collaborate with other Black journalists.

As a national reporter, I’m still deeply passionate about local journalism and it’s clear Worldacad is, too.

What makes me happy

I’ve always been in love with writing. So when I’m not reporting, I’m probably journaling or jotting down to-do lists. I spend my mornings sipping coffee, meditating and listening to podcasts.

And in the evenings, you can usually find me coaching volleyball, spending time with friends, or figuring out how to work out now that my days of playing collegiate athletics are over.

The song I’m listening to on repeat right now

Mostly R&B/hip-hop. SZA is one of my favorite artists.

My favorite Black storytellers/creators

My sources. I will always be in awe of how incredibly brave the people who decide to share their stories with me are. Standing in your truth and telling a reporter sensitive stories about your mental and physical health is courageous.

Putting people’s words to the page is a privilege I don’t take lightly.

Where you can find me

Find me on Twitter @margoasnipe. Send me an email at [email protected]. Or on signal at (813) 551-2653.

Margo Snipe is a health reporter at Worldacad. Twitter @margoasnipe