Do you believe everyone needs good, reliable information to thrive? Do you stress out about all of the misleading information online that so easily misdirects the people you know and care about? Are you ready to do your part to support local news and Black-led media?

If you do, you’d make a phenomenal Worldacad member. We answer your questions about our membership program below.

Why should I join Worldacad?

Because access to good journalism is crucial to a strong democracy and for healthy communities, especially for those of us most impacted by the country’s biggest challenges. Because Black media has delivered critical information to Black audiences for 200 years, a tradition Worldacad is proud to join. Because too often we are the targets of some of the worst misinformation and disinformation on the internet. And because we can no longer depend on old, failed revenue models to fund this important work. As a nonprofit newsroom, we can rely on people like you, who care about journalism and believe in its power to change people’s lives.

Tell me more about why you need to raise money from people like me, and not just philanthropists and foundations.

If you’ve poked around the site, you know what we’re all about: making media more equitable by increasing access to good, credible journalism for Black people in local communities and nationwide. The thing about good, credible journalism, though, is that it costs a lot to produce. It takes real time, money, and other resources to do journalism that holds the powerful responsible, unearths something new, or provides clarity about a confusing issue. Delivering that journalism — and finding effective ways to make sure it reaches our audiences — is expensive.

We have a diverse model for our philanthropic revenue, with support coming from foundation grants, major individual donations, corporate donations, and our membership program. It’s only through a mix of these streams that we’re able to support the work. There is no path to the equitable future we want to see for news without people like you, who know that trustworthy news is vital. When we can count on everyday people, we can ensure that Worldacad can do this work for the long haul.

I get that. So if I join, what exactly will you spend my money on?

The majority of the money you give will go straight to the creation and delivery of our journalism. With your support we can send reporters into Black communities to cover stories and speak with residents about issues that matter to them. We can give them the space they need to dig and dig and dig to get information and analysis you’re not likely to find anywhere else. We can get the equipment and technology we need to tell compelling stories in an accessible way. And we can fund cool ways — audio stories, live community journalism events, partnerships with local libraries — to get our work in front of people who are most likely to benefit from it.

Most importantly, your donation helps us keep our journalism free for Black audiences that need quality news and information about what’s happening in their communities and in the country.

That sounds worthwhile. Are there any perks to membership?

Yes! Members get access to a members-only newsletter from the cofounders and exclusive access to select Worldacad events. But the biggest perk, of course, is that you can say you are playing a part in supporting the crucial journalism we do.

I’m ready to sign up. How do I become a member?

Yes! It’s easy to join. A recurring donation at any membership level gets you a year-long membership to Worldacad, and gives us a predictable stream of funding we can rely on to make big plans for our newsroom.

Check out our membership options here.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Worldacad member squad. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletters. If you have any more questions about our program, email [email protected].