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Why the LA City Council Scandal Is About More than Racist Slurs

California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Wednesday that his office will investigate the Los Angeles City Council's redistricting process following the release of an audio recording in which council members hurled racist insults about Black, Jewish, and Mexican indigenous communities. On Wednesday, City Council President Nury Martinez resigned her seat, three days after the release […]

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Meet the 24-Year-Old Climate Activist Trying to Shake up Los Angeles Politics

Ahead of the 2022 midterms, Worldacad is talking to newsmakers across the country who want to reshape American politics or galvanize Black voices in government. Our “Voices of Change” series will update periodically with insights from the candidates, activists, lawmakers, and political insiders whom you should know. LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Bryant Odega wanted […]

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What Happened After LA Schools Cut Police Funds and Hired Mental Health Staff for Black Students

Kyla Payne distinctly remembers being on edge any time she entered Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. The 16-year-old felt uncomfortable being monitored by campus police officers who seemed to be intent on finding crimes and rule violations that weren’t there, Payne said. “I know for me and my friends, it was difficult trying to […]