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The Black-Led Movement to Stop ‘New Cancer Alleys’ From Being Built in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS — Weeks before Mardi Gras, hundreds two-stepped and wobbled to the beat of a full jazz ensemble through the city’s historic French Quarter. Mixed among them were signs reading “Resist The Fossil Fuel Death Cycle” and “No More Blood For Oil And Gas.” Climate and environmental activists gathered to protest Louisiana’s newfound designation […]

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How a Flooding Crisis Unearthed Another Environmental Injustice in Rural Alabama

Brought on by years of incessant flooding, Timothy Williams' home is sinking — and fast. Over the past few years, it’s sagged nearly 2 feet deeper into the constantly swelling and shrinking clay soil across rural Coffee County, Alabama. He's not alone. Roughly a dozen of his neighbors in the historically Black community have spent […]

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What We Know About Gas Stoves and Black Asthma Rates

Black Americans are 40% more likely to have asthma than white Americans. Black children are five times more likely to be hospitalized for the chronic lung condition. And while asthma-related deaths are decreasing overall, they remain most common among Black Americans. These disparities make the contentious debate over banning gas stoves a particularly important one […]