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Parent PLUS Loans Can Debilitate Black Families. Here’s What to Know.

For Black parents looking to help their children pay for an education at a historically Black college or university, Parent PLUS loans have become a common choice. Congress created the loans as a way for middle- and upper-income parents to help their children pay for college. But over time, they’ve become the answer for many […]

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Want to Better Prepare Black Communities for Tornadoes? Erode the Income Gap.

The severity of the recent network of tornadoes that practically erased a majority Black rural town in Mississippi off the map would’ve leveled any community in its path — but the region’s high amount of mobile homes, low access to information networks, and poor insurance rates created a perfect storm. “Tornadic storms will continue to […]

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The Case for Reparations: What Compensating Black Americans Could Look Like

Edmund Ford taught math for 14½ years and noticed that opportunities were sparse and unevenly distributed in Tennessee’s Shelby County Schools. “My classrooms were probably about 95% Black,” he said. “Many of my students weren’t getting the tools and resources they needed so that after they graduated from high school, they’d be impervious to social […]

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What’s Missing in Financial Literacy Courses in School? Experts Explain.

At least 15 states have joined the growing movement to make financial literacy a requirement for high school graduation. Utah became the first to require a half-credit financial literacy class as a graduation mandate in 2004. Today, eight states require a stand-alone course that provides students with an understanding of personal finance and skills to […]

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These Alternative Banks Could Be the Key to Shrinking the Racial Wealth Gap

Following the racial justice protests of 2020, several financial corporations and foundations promised to make investments to advance racial equality. Companies such as JP Chase Morgan, Mastercard, and Citi Foundation poured millions of dollars into Black community development financial institutions (CDFIs) as white business leaders reckoned with the ways systemic racism has impaired economic progress […]

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Struggling to Talk About Money? Here’s a List of Resources to Teach Financial Literacy.

As more states move to mandate financial literacy as a prerequisite for high school graduation, financial experts worry the courses lack the historical context needed to prepare Black youth for wealth building in America. For years, Black people have sounded the alarm for more holistic financial education to address the racial wealth gap. Black people […]

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‘It’s Untenable’: The Unequal Burden of the Student Debt Crisis

The pause on student loan payments is scheduled to end Aug. 31, and millions of Americans are contending with the prospect of another burdensome monthly expense. Dozens of Democratic lawmakers have publicly called for a seventh extension on the payment freeze, and many experts believe that the Biden administration will oblige. But for Black Americans, […]