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After Years of Litigation, First Black Mayor in Rural Alabama Town Gets to Serve

Patrick Braxton is overwhelmed with gratitude. He’s been juggling a yearslong legal battle to serve as the lawful mayor of his hometown, Newbern, Alabama. After years of harassment, his rural town enters a new chapter: Its first Black mayor will finally get to serve. Braxton will be reinstated as mayor of Newbern, according to a […]

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Is the Promise of ‘Diversity’ Leaving Black Students Stranded?

This article first appeared on The Emancipator and is part of the coverage of the 50th anniversary of a federal judge’s ruling that led to busing in Boston to desegregate schools It's republished here under a Creative Commons license. See full series here. During the time of Brown v. Board of Education, the most radical […]

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N.C. Candidate for Governor Built Brand Through Online Vitriol — Particularly Toward Black Women

Originally published by The 19th North Carolina Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Robinson has a long history of attacking influential women in personal and often vulgar terms. But Robinson has reserved particular vitriol for Black women in positions of power, with many of his social media postings invoking misogyny, racism, homophobia and transphobia. Experts and advocates […]

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Whistleblowing While Black: How Truth-Telling Changes the Careers of Black Women in Tech

This article was copublished with The 19th, a nonprofit newsroom covering gender, politics, and policy. Sign up for The 19th’s newsletter here. The night of Jan. 5, 2021, Anika Collier Navaroli slept poorly. She had an uneasy feeling about what might happen in Washington, D.C., the next day. Back then, Navaroli was a senior policy official at […]

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Health Care Workers Are Speaking Up About the Racism in Facilities Nationwide

Headlines hit last summer about Black nursing home residents being neglected and left unbathed, without clothing, and sometimes without the medications they needed at an Alabama nursing home after a lawsuit was filed. What it outlined was an allegedly discriminatory environment at a facility toward both patients and staff, who were called “n****,” “slave girls” […]

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Why Black South Carolinians Are Furious at Nikki Haley

Kym Smith is passionate about a wide range of causes, from pushing for South Carolina public schools to include Black history in their curricula to bringing adequate health care to Black communities. But rarely, if ever, does Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley grapple with issues of deep-seated racial inequality, explained Smith, a 36-year-old mother and […]