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Has Biden Kept His Campaign Promises to Black Americans? The Answer Is Complicated.

Black Americans were largely responsible for delivering the presidency to Joe Biden in 2020, and the debate over whether he’s delivered on his campaign promises is endless. Yet, with this year’s November showdown between him and former President Donald Trump steadily approaching, the options for us are limited. Skepticism, confusion, and even pre-election fatigue are […]

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How a Flooding Crisis Unearthed Another Environmental Injustice in Rural Alabama

Brought on by years of incessant flooding, Timothy Williams' home is sinking — and fast. Over the past few years, it’s sagged nearly 2 feet deeper into the constantly swelling and shrinking clay soil across rural Coffee County, Alabama. He's not alone. Roughly a dozen of his neighbors in the historically Black community have spent […]

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Racial Disparities in Lung Cancer Start With Research

During a routine visit to the Good Samaritan Clinic in Morganton, North Carolina, in 2018, Herbert Buff casually mentioned that he sometimes had trouble breathing. He was 55 years old and a decades-long smoker. So the doctor recommended that Buff schedule time on a 35-foot-long bus operated by the Levine Cancer Institute that would roll […]