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How Labor Rights and Infrastructure Improvements May Limit This Silent Killer

It was just his second day on the job at the Modesto Junk Company in California’s Central Valley — but it was the region’s 34th consecutive day of 90-plus-degree weather. Feeling dizzy, he asked for a break around 2 p.m. The 40-year-old never received one. Later, a co-worker found him unconscious and sprawled across the […]

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Biden’s Big Plan for Environmental Justice May Actually Increase the Racial Pollution Gap

A Biden administration initiative that assured at least 40% of federal investments in climate and clean energy would reach “disadvantaged” communities may prove costly to environmental justice goals because of a metric related to race, a new study reveals. A policy analysis published in Science this week and conducted by a dozen of the country’s […]

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Discrimination Isn’t Just Infuriating. It Steals Black People’s Time.

This story was produced in partnership with Vox as part of the discrimination issue of The Highlight. After a long search, Keisha Orr — a human resources manager working on Wall Street in the early 2000s — believed she had found the perfect candidate for a job at her financial tech company. The applicant had it all: an […]

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An ‘Explosive Growth’ of Racial Violence and Extremism Is Endangering Black Americans

Antidemocratic behavior is permeating U.S. society at an alarming speed and scale, from restrictions on classroom instruction to bills limiting voting rights to systems of surveillance built to ban abortions — and Black Americans must remain vigilant, a new report suggests. The National Urban League’s “Democracy in Peril: Confronting the Threat Within” arrives at a […]

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The Surprising Gap in How Democratic- and GOP-led School Districts Talk About Diversity

Classrooms have reemerged as sites of political conflict over discussions about identity — and these tensions are reflected in how public school districts frame their educational values to students, according to an analysis released this week by the Pew Research Center. Pew found that in Democratic-voting areas, 56% of districts note their diversity, equity, and […]

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History of Racism Leaves Black Californians Most at Risk from Oil and Gas Drilling, Research Shows

This article originally appeared on Inside Climate News, a nonprofit, independent news organization that covers climate, energy and the environment. It is republished with permission. Sign up for their newsletter here. Decades before movie moguls produced celluloid heroes, oil claimed the spotlight in Los Angeles. California’s oil industry took off in the mid-1870s just 30 miles […]

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America’s Opioid Epidemic Is Devastating Black Communities

The first victims of the country’s opioid epidemic were predominantly white, living in rural communities devastated by prescription painkiller addiction. With doctors less likely to prescribe adequate pain medication to Black patients, racism protected Black Americans from the first wave of opioid deaths. Now, the face of the epidemic has changed. New federal data points […]